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Are you a beginner, or maybe a karateka looking for a dojo to return to practice?

Regardless, welcome!


Here you will find some short information about our club, our dojo and about the style we practise - shotokan. These pages are under construction, so be sure to visit our website again for more information.


About karate


kara (empty)

te (hand)


Karate is a selfdefence system, using hands, feet, elbows and other parts of the body to counter attacks. As the name implies, karate can also be described as a fighting method developed to be used without the aid of weapons.


What are the benefits of training?

What is perceived as the most important benefits of training tend to be very individual.

Besides the physichal aspects of karate as an allround training method, many tend to stress the positive mental aspects of training. Positive aspects such as stress management and body awareness for example. Correct breathing. The philosophical aspects of karate and the proper use of etiquette are also important aspects of karate training. For example bowing as a sign of respect for one´s opponent and oneself.


What will be important for you?

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Karatedräkter går att hyra på klubben!

Flera olika storlekar finns tillgängliga, prata med någon av våra instruktörer.

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Umeå Shotokanklubb - Karate
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